Quality counts.

More people are watching videos than ever before… But quality counts.

Whatever your message, be it a cause, mission, product or service, getting the word out to the masses can be critical to its success.
Today, video technology allows your message to be seen by more people than ever before. Nearly half of all high-speed Internet users watch videos online at least once a week.
Using video to convey your message has the power to drive broad awareness of your company or organization, build and strengthen brands, change perceptions, establish industry leadership, and increase sales of a product or service.
But, according to a recent study, a poorly produced video can negatively impact how viewers perceive an organization or product, audience retention of the message and advertising revenues.
So how do you avoid making a video that fails to do the job you intend? Production details like using high-end cameras with proper lenses, lighting, audio and editing expertise are crucial to the process. At Backfin Media, we also believe the key to a successful video is in the art of storytelling.
What story do you want to tell? Who is your target audience? What’s your goal once you reach them? Do you want to inspire people to help a cause? Influence people to invest? Introduce visitors to your company or organization? Sell a product or service? Once you answer these questions, you can then tailor your message for maximum impact.
Unsure if you have the right tools and expertise to make a quality video that gets results? We can help. Drop us a line…

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